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Avanti's Faith Mendoza named to NAA's 20 in their Twenties, Class of 2023

Avanti is incredibly proud to share that Avantian Faith Mendoza has been named to NAA's 20 in their Twenties, Class of 2023! Learn more about Faith's journey in multifamily and why this accolade is much deserved.

Faith Mendoza is our Performance Development Manager based in Denver, CO. She started her journey with Avanti in 2020 and has been a key player in our organization since.

Faith started her career as a leasing consultant 7 years ago and now oversees effective training and development programs for Avanti’s Colorado, Utah, Kansas, Missouri, Arizona, and Florida regions. A little background on Faith’s journey; she moved her way from leasing consultant to assistant manager, and eventually made her way up to a community manager role. She took another leap at 24 and became a Systems Support Specialist for Avanti Residential helping team members resolve their systems issues on the back end through support tickets.

While working in support, she started to see common trends of tickets coming in, but instead of just solving their issues, she would create how-to’s, videos, and additional tools to teach them how to solve the issues on their own. It became very apparent that she had a passion for training and supporting others. Avanti then promoted her from Systems Support to the Performance Development role where she now oversees effective training and development programs for all 6 of Avanti’s regions. In addition, she also creates and facilitates in-person and webinar development content for onboarding and new hires, roll-out and implementation training, creates the company-wide learning calendar, is the administrator for multiple LMSs, supports all new acquisitions as they onboard, and manages Avanti’s mentorship program.

So far, her favorite part about working in multifamily was having the opportunity to help develop a mentorship program at Avanti, the Avanti Advisors. It’s allowed her to spotlight and connect with other leaders in Avanti’s organization. This program is about pairing new hires or those beginning a new role, with experienced mentors who can guide them on their professional journey. It also promotes a nurturing work culture where she has the opportunity build up Avanti’s biggest assets, their people. This program is very personal to Faith as she wants teams to have all the resources available to them to grow into that next role, and she knows how much a mentor or accessible training tools can impact someone’s career.

Faith is passionate about creating supportive and positive employee experiences to help increase engagement in the workplace. She is always trying to take the opportunity to make someone’s learning and growth experience better and it fills her heart when she knows what she’s done has made their journey better in some meaningful way.

Congratulations, again, on this phenomenal achievement!