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Celebrating Excellence: Brenda Gammie Wins Executive of the Year


True leaders are those who inspire, innovate, and tirelessly pave the way for success. Brenda Gammie, Executive Vice President at Avanti Residential, is a shining example of such a leader. Her recent triumph at the 2023 Arizona Multihousing Association (AMA) Tribute Awards, where she secured the prestigious Executive of the Year award, is a testament to her unparalleled dedication, work ethic, and remarkable leadership.

The AMA Tribute Awards is an esteemed event that recognizes excellence and outstanding achievements in the multifamily housing industry. Held annually, the event brings together multifamily professionals, thought leaders, and innovators to celebrate the valuable contributions that drive the growth and success of the sector. The Executive of the Year award honors an executive who exemplifies exceptional leadership, innovation, and dedication to their organization's growth.

Brenda’s journey to winning the Executive of the Year award is a story of determination and transformative leadership. In her role as EVP, Brenda has consistently displayed a level of commitment that sets her apart. Her dedication to her role and her team is truly commendable; through her efforts, Brenda has inspired her colleagues and, as well as others in the multifamily world, to strive for greatness. Her ability to balance strategic thinking with hands-on involvement has been pivotal in driving Avanti’s growth and success. At the heart of Brenda's leadership is her visionary thinking and innovation. In an ever-evolving industry, her ability to foresee industry trends and adapt accordingly has been a key factor in the company's sustained success.

Brenda Gammie boasts an extensive career spanning over two decades in the multifamily sector. Her journey led her to Avanti Residential in 2018, where she began as a Senior Vice President and earned a promotion to Executive Vice President in 2022. Prior to her tenure at Avanti, she acted as Vice President at Pinnacle Property Management Services. Earlier in her career, Brenda excelled as a Regional Manager with MG Properties, showcasing her exceptional leadership and management skills.

“I'm deeply honored and humbled to win this award,” said Brenda. “This award is a culmination of not just my efforts, but the collective dedication and hard work of my Avanti team!”

To echo Brenda, this achievement is not only a recognition of her individual accomplishments but also a reflection of the collaborative spirit that defines Avanti Residential as an organization. Her award symbolizes the united efforts of the entire team and the shared constancy to excellence.

Congratulations, Brenda – we are proud to have you on our team!